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Abdominal Muscles Fitness Wheel

Abdominal Muscles Fitness Wheel

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  •  Two wheels have built-in springs that create resistance when rolling and help on the way back, making them stronger than single-wheel designs and easier to use than standard wheel rollers. The 3.7-inch twin-wheel ab roller provides additional support and stability compared to a regular single wheel. The ab roller comes with knee pads for a comfortable workout experience and intimate protection.
  • Ab wheel for your abdomen, hip flexors and back muscles. With specialized exercises, this exercise wheel will speed up your core and lower back strength while reducing the risk of muscle injury. A toning belt protects your waist better and comes with a small pad to prevent damage to your knees.
  • Unlike large fitness equipment or heavy-duty benches, dumbbells, etc., the ab wheel roller is compact in size - its compact design allows you to take it anywhere to exercise, whether it is your home, office, gym or outdoors
  •  High strength stainless steel shaft for abs training can withstand a maximum weight of 500kg to ensure your safety. The 3.7-inch extra-wide ab roller ensures balance and stability as it does not deviate from the side. The rugged ab rollers are made of quality materials, the ergonomic handles are comfortable and the rolling straps do not cause any damage to the floor, unlike other cheap ab rollers, our products are designed to last a long time.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I really like this ab roller. I used to have an ab roller with a thin wheel and much less stability.

Arleene Enriquez

I love this little core workout floor machine.
Especially, with the stretch bands (sold separately) attached to it.


Well designed. Very stable. Comfortable to use .

E. C. Musick

This is so sturdy. I've used so many ab wheels and this is the best one out of all.